Make this year the most delightful homeschool year yet! 

Are you struggling to include 

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty into your days?

Do you feel like you're spinning your homeschool wheels trying to create a life-giving education for your children?

Does the thought of curating wholesome and delightful resources like poetry and read alouds overwhelm you?

Do you long for a beautiful way for your entire family to learn together?

Would you love for someone else to plan the poetry, art, reading lists, composer study, and put it all together for you?

Hi there, friend! I'm Lara.

A real-life homeschool mama just like you - and since you are here I know that you are looking for a way to bring consistency to your homeschool, a way to simplify your day by bringing the whole family together for learning, or perhaps you want to be more intentional about including subjects that are important to you.

I'm here to help. 

Like you, I know there is incredible value in art, music, nature study, poetry, Shakespeare, art lessons, and all the wonderful parts of education that orient our children toward Truth and inspire wonder and awe. 

I also know how hard it is trying to find the perfect curriculum only to give up and try and make your own. The hours of research alone can wear a mama out. So can trying to do it all yourself. 

Trust me, I know from experience. As a recovering perfectionist, I realized that our family needed both beauty and consistency and I wanted a way to include it all that wouldn't run me down or destroy my children's love of learning.  

My love of music, literature, fine arts, and Charlotte Mason methods led me to create a delightful and simple to follow morning time curriculum for our family.

Many of our dear friends were also looking for a foolproof morning time curriculum and loved what we were doing. So we officially launched The Homeschool Garden and have been blessed to help thousands of homeschool families enjoy learning together again!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to sharing many years of gentle, joyful, and beautiful education with your family.

With grace,


The homeschool solution you need to make consistency, simplicity, and delight part of your home education

The Homeschool Garden

Morning Time

Simple and Lovely Charlotte Mason Inspired Curriculum Resources for Busy Moms

  • Set yourself up for smooth and easy days by starting the day with Truth, goodness, and beauty.
  • Get back all those hours spent planning, stressing, and researching and enjoy learning and living alongside your children again. We do all the research, curating, and planning for you.
  • Simplify and shorten your days! We'll teach you how to combine multiple ages for each subject to get more taught in less time.
  • Stop overwhelming yourself and your students by trying to cram in everything - we have a simple to follow schedule that spreads the feast in a way that is attainable for even the busiest homeschool families!

Join Thousands of Families in The Homeschool Garden Today to Start Enjoying Your Delightful Homeschool Tomorrow!

Get The Homeschool Garden Morning Time now to enjoy all the delights of a lovely Charlotte Mason curriculum without all the work! 

Benefits of The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Curriculum

Stop losing hours of your week struggling to plan seamless lessons everyone can do together only to be left overwhelmed and too exhausted to actually do it. 

Spread a faith-based feast of Truth, goodness, and beauty without all the planning stress or having to purchase multiple curriculums. We make it simple! 

Fit in all the moments you've been wanting to include: tea time, art lessons, handicrafts, and more! All on a feasible schedule for the busiest mom.

Get your joyful homeschool back! Cultivate your delightful and consistent homeschool and watch your family learn and grow together!  

The Homeschool Garden Morning Time has been such a blessing to our family! With a large family, I found it difficult to implement a morning time that worked for multiple ages. I had almost given up when I found The Homeschool Garden. I am so glad I tried one more thing! I love that everything is done for me and all I have to do is open and go! It’s made my Charlotte Mason journey as a large family homeschooler so much easier!


Don't spend another night sifting through online booklists and scrounging Pinterest for nature study ideas. Join today and start loving morning time again tomorrow!

The Homeschool Garden is the perfect fit for our family. It helps this busy homeschooling mama work beautiful Charlotte Mason activities into our homeschool without the prep work of pulling in various resources. All my kids, from pre-k to 7th grade, enjoy the activities that come with each theme. It's definitely a win for us!


Need more details? We totally understand!

The Homeschool Garden Morning Time is designed to be your all-in-one go-to morning time curriculum that will delight your students and take all the pressure off you. 

Everything you need is included. There are NO other program purchases required for The Homeschool Garden morning time plans. 

What’s included in The Homeschool Garden Morning Time curriculum?

Here are the details you need to know to help you be the joyful homeschooling parent you’ve always dreamed of being*:

Here is a list of what is included with The Homeschool Garden Morning Time plans:

  • Weekly Schedule – Ready-to-go plans set up to keep the rotation simple and delightful
  • Subjects included in each session include:
  • copywork; 
  • poetry;
  • tea time;
  • composer study and music selections;
  • art study and art selections;
  • handicrafts; 
  • art lessons;
  • hymns and folk songs;
  • weekly nature study;
  • geography; 
  • memory work including scripture, prayer, and poetry;
  • Shakespeare or Plutarch;
  • recommended reading lists to compliment the session.
  • Access to our private online support community to keep you accountable and to share your success.
  • Access to our video library of how-to's - subject by subject videos to help you teach morning time subjects effectively. 

*Please note that we feel this is a full curriculum for your early elementary students when you add a phonics and math program and use a few titles from the recommended reading list. Don't overwhelm your young students by trying to do too much! 

*History is covered through the literature selections, artist and composer studies, and geography study. For young students (roughly early 3rd grade and below), you can record these in a Book of Centuries, but you don't have to. For your older students (3rd grade and up), you will want them to record events and people in their Book of Centuries and Geography notebook.

The Homeschool Garden current sessions

These are the sessions currently available.

Wonderful resource! Not only does the membership save you time from planning, you can effortlesly add rich beauty to your homeschool. I love that it is flexible and yet each detail included seems carefully chosen.


I look forward to putting together my Homeschool Garden morning time binder every month! I no longer have to track down resources for myself because everything to add truth, beauty, and goodness is included. I highly recommend those who enjoy morning time to give The Homeschool Garden membership a try.`


Do I need to purchase other programs to use these plans?

Everything you need is included. There are NO other program purchases required for The Homeschool Garden morning time plans. 

Is this a faith based resource?

Yes! We include classic hymns, poems, readings, and copywork that contain Christian content. Our faith is the foundation of our home and homeschool and the cornerstone of the Charlotte Mason methodology and it would be difficult to create a product that did not reflect that. You can read our statement of faith on the bottom of our About page here


Will this work for my whole family?

We have created this morning time membership as a resource to allow all ages to learn together for a short time each day. The observations, expectations, and quality of work accomplished by your children will depend on their age and ability level.

The Homeschool Garden is a gentle way to accomplish the cultivation of good relationships and heart connections between yourself and your children and between siblings. You will find tips for various ages in the How-To videos of the Start Here section of the memberships.


Is there a sample available?

Yes! We offer a full sample here.

Try the full 6 week plans for The Homeschool Garden: Legendary Swords free. 


What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of our items, we do not offer refunds.

We do offer a free sample and a low cost full session to help you determine if The Homeschool Garden is a good fit for your family. For questions about implementing The Homeschool Garden, email us at [email protected] for assistance. 


Who do I contact for support?

We are here for you! I am a homeschool mom so please be patient if you contact me in the morning or on the weekend.  Email [email protected] for any issues, questions, or just to say hi! 

Join The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Now!

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Start using The Homeschool Garden now and begin delighting in your homeschool again!  

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