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Experience a truly joyful Advent this year!

Does the busyness of the holiday season seem to runaway with you?

Does it feel like Christmas arrives and your entire season is a blur? Have you even talked about Jesus outside of church? 

I know how that feels.

You want your children to know that Christmas is not about Santa, getting everything on their list, or baking endless sugar cookies, but that we are celebrating the Greatest Gift! 

You want Advent to be a time for them to grow close to their Savior.

I understand!

I desperately wanted a simple approach to help teach my own children devotion, reflection, generosity, and to enjoy the beauty and the meaning of the Advent season in all it’s glorious expectation.

A Gentle Advent™ was born from the desire to have a calm and bright celebratory season.

A way to stop the season from running away with us. 

A way to escape the overwhelm that threatens each December. 

A way to draw our family closer to each other and closer to our Lord.

Unrush your holiday season this year and experience A Gentle Advent™.

Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum designed to help busy moms cultivate a delightful Advent Season! 

Purchase A Gentle Advent™  today and reclaim the joy of Advent!

Become A Gentle Advent™ family today and enjoy all the delights of a lovely and doable Charlotte Mason inspired Advent season for years to come! 

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3. Enjoy a beautiful and blessed Advent season with your family this year and for many more years to come!

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A Gentle Thanksgiving 

A Gentle Thanksgiving is our newest addition to the A Gentle Advent™ family of resources. Bring your family together for a delightful study of thanksgiving and worship for the whole month of November! 

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I was so thankful when I saw this course! It was exactly what I wanted for my family this year. An easy exploration through Advent. 

I loved the verses and ideas to ponder. Sometimes when reading the bible with my kids, I have trouble bringing to their level. This was so perfect!
Plus, easy craft ideas that we can do to make the season more memorable about the true meaning of Christmas.

Angela P.

Homeschool mom

Get A Gentle Advent™ Now!

Enjoy an unrushed holiday season full of wonder this year!

Need more details? We totally understand!

A Gentle Advent is designed to bring your family together during the Advent season with a beautiful (and gentle) curriculum that will delight your students and take all the pressure off you.

What’s included in A Gentle Advent™? 

Here is a list of what you'll get with every A Gentle Advent™ course:

  • This hybrid online course contains videos, musical tracks, and printables all simply organized in your course area on Everyday Graces Homeschool site and easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Schedule – everything is planned our for you to keep the rotation simple and delightful
  • Printable Advent calendar or schedule
  • Activites for your family to experience together
  • Copywork – primary, cursive, and elementary versions included
  • Scripture Journal 
  • Poetry selections for listening and recitation
  • Teatimes
  • Composer biographies and music selections
  • Artist biographies and art selections
  • Handicraft lessons
  • art lessons
  • Hymn and Folk songs with music tracks included
  • Nature study you can do from your table
  • Geography and history woven throughout
  • Access to our private online support group to keep you accountable and to share your success

If you’re looking for something special to do with your family through Advent, this is a beautiful resource. I love the variety of activities. From picture study to handicrafts to nature study- you’ll find all of them here to help you enjoy the season. 

I also loved that the activities in the course will bring together the whole family. There are journals appropriate for the kids as well as for the adults. There is daily Scripture with fewer verses suggested for the younger kids to copy while the older kids and adults copy more. Because I have four kids who have a six-year age range, I love to find resources that I can use to bring all of us together in learning- especially in a holiday study.

Another thing I loved about this course was the thoroughness of explanation. When there were crafts, there were videos along with the written instructions. For a less crafty mom like me this was a life saver. 

This course is a great way to celebrate the season with your family. It will give you an opportunity to come together and do some gentle learning as you anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth.


As We Walk Along the Road

Is this a faith based resource? 

Yes! We include classic hymns, poems, readings, and copywork that contain Christian content. Our faith is the foundation of our home and homeschool and it would be difficult to create a product that did not reflect that.

Will I get immediate access to the courses?

Yes!  (Pre-order courses have their release/access dates listed separately) 

Will this work for my whole family?

We have created this morning time course as a resource to allow all ages to learn together for a short time each day. The observations, expectations, and quality of work accomplished by your children will depend on their age and ability level.

A Gentle Advent™ is a gentle way to accomplish the cultivation of good relationships and heart connections between yourself and your children and between siblings.

We recommend Colonial Christmas for ages 7 and up due to the woodworking involved. Further Up, Further In! is recommended for middle grades and older.

What is the refund policy?

Because this is a digital resource, we are unable to offer refunds on this product.

Will I always have access to A Gentle Advent™?

Yes. You do not need to repurchase any courses. Any updates will be made available to all previous purchasers as well. 

If I run into an issue who do I contact?

We are here for you! I am a homeschool mom so please be patient if you contact me in the morning or on the weekend.  Email [email protected] for any issues, questions, or just to say hi!

Start your new Advent tradition now!

Don't spend another year rushing through this sacred season, friend. Begin A Gentle Advent™ now and delight in your holiday homeschool again!  

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