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Welcome to The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Retreat for Mamas!

Hello, friend! We're so glad to have you here.

This is the page you'll come to each day for our Morning Time Retreat video lessons. Our goal is for you to be inspired to bring Truth, goodness, and beauty into your home and homeschool in a simple, doable, and entirely lovely way by the end of the week.

If that sounds good to you, would you mind sharing this retreat with your friends who may also need a little encouragement for this homeschool year? We'd like to bless as many mamas as possible with encouragement, alleviate a little overwhelm, and help you cultivate your delightful homeschool!

Thank you, dear one, for bringing us along on your homeschool journey. 


Because we can't be with you in person, we want to make this retreat as interactive and delightful as possible - join us for BINGO!

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How to enter:

* Each mark you complete on your BINGO board earns you an entry - watching a session, hearing the phrases, sharing the retreat with a friend, drinking a cup of coffee or tea (We thought you'd appreciate that), etc. 

* Sharing your morning time notes, your students participating in morning time, your BINGOs, etc on Instagram with the hashtag #WhyWeLoveTHG earns  additional entries. 

Grab your favorite cuppa, your notebook, and let's get started!

We know you are a busy homeschool mama. We so appreciate all your effort to be here with us and learn ways to help your family and homeschool thrive. Each daily session is 20 minutes or less so we don't take too much of your time.

The videos from our LIVE events have been recorded and are shared below each day's video. We had many requests for another live retreat, but our schedule just didn't work out this year - so we're sharing these videos with you to enjoy at your own pace. 

Day 1 - Cultivating a delightful home and homeschool the easy way! And a little art study how-to.

Join us today for a lively chat on cultivating a home filled with Truth, goodness, and beauty. Learn how to make morning time work for your unique family and all about art study! 

Day 2 - Shaping literary lives for our children - Shakespeare and Living Books 

Join us today for a quick lesson on Shakespeare and how to enjoy his inimitable works and a walk through using living books to enhance your students' love of learning. 

Living Book List Resources

Day 3 - Beauty in language - Poetry, Narration, and Recitation

Helping our children become competent communicators is imperative. We're sharing tips and tricks for helping your students learn how to narrate, recite, and enjoy poetry! The benefits are life-long.

Day 4 - Two keys to unlocking observation skills in our children - copywork and nature study.

Perplexed about using copywork to teach all those language art aspects? We're going to show you exactly how that works and how to make it a great tool for your homeschool. We'll also be covering a brief nature study session and teaching you ways to make it enjoyable for everyone, even if you're not Bear Grylls ;) 

Day 5 - Tea time and art! There's no better way to end the week. 

You'll want to get your cookies and watercolor supplies out for this session. We're going to chat about resetting bad days, using tea time to sweeten up tougher subjects, and create a beautiful watercolor bookmark! 

A note from your Morning Time guide,
Lara Molettiere

Hi there, friend!

If you’ve ever thought the following –

  • How do all these other moms have it together when I just can’t?
  • Why is this so difficult and overwhelming?
  • When is the family bonding and delightful learning supposed to set it?
  • Am I going to ruin my poor kids for life because I can’t cover Latin and keep the house clean?

Stop, mama. 

Take a breath. Step off the hamster wheel and let’s chat.

I was right there with you, frazzled and frustrated and ready to give up. But there’s a life-giving truth you need to know right now-

You are the gate-keeper, grace-giver, and cultivator of your home – a sacred space – and when you step into your God-given capacity you are capable of providing a delightful and life-giving education to your children. 

I believe every homeschool mama can thrive with mentorship, support, and grace filled community. We are meant to travel this road together, and I’m so very glad you’re here!

In His grace,